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Molested By the Unseen

Spiritual Rape:

Spiritual Rape is being raped or molested by an unseen force. Any type of unwanted sexual advancement is wrong.  In the physical world, a police report can be made or a personal is yes.  A person that is being attacked will feel isolated and helpless. Most local churches do not address the problem and therefore they do not have any solutions.  The victim is left to defend themselves in the world of the protection order, PPO, can be issued against the offending party.  What about the spiritual world?  Can a person be molested by an unseen force?  The answer unseen.  The first step in stopping the attacks is to determine the attacker.  The attacker can be an evil spirit, human spirit, or a fallen angel.  This website is dedicated to helping you win your battles.

Evil Spirits:

As far back as the Middle Ages, people in Europe believed that demons would have sex with humans. A succubus is a female demon that descends upon and has sexual intercourse with a man while he sleeps.  An incubus is an evil spirit or demon which will have sexual intercourse with a women.  As to the origin of these evil spirits, some believe that they are fallen angels.  Angels who decided to follow Satan rather than God.  Others believe that evil spirits are the offspring of the union between fallen angels and women in the days of Noah.  The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. (Genesis 6:2) There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same because mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (Genesis 6:4) 

In the book, Enoch chapter 15, God declares judgment over the watchers “Wherefore have ye left the high, holy, and eternal heaven, and lain with women, and defiled yourselves with the daughters of men and taken to yourselves wives, and done like the children of earth, and begotten giants (as your) sons?  And though ye were holy, spiritual, living the eternal life, you have defiled yourselves with the blood of women, and have begotten (children) with the blood of flesh, and as the children of men, have lusted after flesh and blood as those also do who die and perish.  Therefore have I given them wives also that they might impregnate them, and beget children by them, that thus nothing might be wanting to them on earth.  But you were formerly spiritual, living the eternal life and immortal for all generations of the world.  And therefore I have not appointed wives for you; for as for the spiritual ones of the heaven, in heaven is their dwelling.  And now, the giants, who are the produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling.  Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men and from the holy Watchers is their beginning and primal origin; they shall be evil spirits on the earth, and evil spirits shall they be called.  (As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their dwelling, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling) And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless hunger and thirst, and cause offences.  And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them.” 

And as in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.  For, as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, even till that day in which Noah entered into the ark; (Matthew chapter 24:37-38)  This verse is important because we see in the days of Noah, the fallen angels were having intercourse with women and producing offspring from the union. The fallen angels said, “Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children”  The fallen angels were marrying the women in the days of Noah.  And I believe that it will happen again before the end of the age.   God Almighty destroyed mankind and the offspring of the fallen angel because it was unholy to him.  Man blood was mixed with the blood of the fallen angels and it was an abomination to God.  But Noah was found perfect in his generation.  Noah's blood was 100% human.  In the days of Noah, the fallen angels shared secrets with men.  These angels were not the fallen angel that let the heavens to follow after Satan. These angels were the Watchers.   In the book of Enoch, the Watcher were bound for seventy generations in thee valley of the earth. The angels that follow after Satan are demons.  For more information see Bible Studies. We know that demons and evil spirits exist and they desire worship.  I will address them as evil spirits for the remainder of this discussion.  These evil spirits will visit both believers and non believers.  There job function is to draw you away from God, influence mankind to do evil, think evil, and they make it hard for you to give your life to Jesus Christ.

Evil Spirits vs. the Believer   

In the case of a believer, these evil spirits can sense when a believer is worshipping God Almighty. The worship and love pouring from a believer is released into the spiritual atmosphere because we worship in spirit and in truth. The evil spirits sense the worship of God and desire the worship and love for themselves. The evil spirits will be drawn to you because of the worship.  The evil spirit will try to pull you away from worshipping God  and pull you into the flesh.  The focus is off of worshipping God and the focus is now on pleasing the flesh.  It is so closely tied into worship, a person might be deceived into believing that this is from God and they are the bride of Christ.  That is a lie from the devil.  I ask you to examine the fruit, anything that leads you away from worshipping and serving God is not from God.  As Christians, we are to glorify God in our body for we are the temple of God.  We have a duty to God to protect our bodies, the temple of God, from evil.  Evil wishes to defile the temple of God.  If you are a born again believer in Jesus Christ, then you have his delegated authority over evil spirits.  In my name they cast out devils;  Most often, but not always, there is an open door - which is - sin in a person's life that allows the evil spirit entrance into their life.  I say not always because sometimes we are fighting someone else's sin.  It is still sin, but it doesn't originate from us.

Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness? (Romans 6:16)  If there is sin, confess it and repent of the sin. The Bible tells to "Submit yourselves therefore to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)  When you tell the evil spirit that they have to go in the name of Jesus, they have to leave.  Now when they leave and again you sense another evil spirit, again say in the name of Jesus Christ I command you to g and ever come back and I forbid any associate of you to come into my presence in Jesus name.  I think evil spirit tag team one after he other to weaken our faith.  We, as believers in Jesus Christ, have the authority over the evil spirit, when we say go they have to go, now if another one is waiting in the wings tell that one to go too. Now spend some time in prayer to determine if there is an open door.  There is a link entitled “Spiritual Weapons.”  This will provide you with more  information that you need to win all of your unseen battles. If you have walked in your authority as a believer the “unseen” intruder is still messing with you, then you are probably dealing with a human spirit.

Evil Spirit vs. the Unbeliever:

There is a story in the Bible where a Jewish priest was doing an exorcism.  The Jewish priest was not a follower of Jesus Christ.  The Jewish priest used the name of Jesus to command the evil spirit to leave the man being tormented.  The story tells us that the evil spirit spoke through the demon processed man and said, "Jesus I know and Paul I know but who are you?" And the man that had the evil spirit overpowered the Jewish priest.  See Acts 19: 13-17.  In other words, you do not have authority over an evil spirit in the name of Jesus, unless you are a born again follower of Jesus Christ.  At birth, you were born into the kingdom of darkness, you belong to the devil and your eternal home will be hell.  In the kingdom of darkness you are king and can do just about anything you can get away with.  You can steal, lie, cheat, hate, and have sex with anyone or anything. Or you can transfer into God's kingdom in which heaven will be your eternal home, but you have to live by God's rules.  Jesus Christ is king, not you.  You are commanded to forgive, love, and be holy for he is holy.  Jesus died to provide you with forgiveness of sins and the grace and power to overcome sin.  Once you are in Jesus’ kingdom, he will not kick you out.  He will continuously work with you and lead and guide you.  Your job is to follow and obey.  The human spirit is dead to God because of trespasses and sins.  Once you repent of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ, ask for forgiveness, and ask Jesus Christ to be the Lord, supreme authority, and Savior of your life.  He will forgive your sins and recreate your human spirit. Before I was saved, I thought God might be real but I wasn't sure.  After I was saved, I'm sure that God is and I can sense his presence.  I am alive to God.  Accepting Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior was the best thing I have ever done.   For more information on becoming a born again follower of Jesus Christ go to How to become a Christian.  

Human Spirit:

If you are a born again child of God, then you have authority over the evil spirits in Jesus' name.  If the spirit does not leave when you command it to go, then you are dealing with a human spirit. Most attackers know their victims and are not aware of what they are doing.  Jesus said, "Anyone who even looks at a women with lust in his eye has already committed adultery with her in his heart." If you have been involved in daily activities and all of the sudden feel arousal, even to the point of penetration.   I can almost guarantee you that someone was thinking about you sexually.  Our thoughts have power that is why Lord Jesus commands us to control our thoughts.   You are not alone.   Each person is given a measure of faith and this faith is precious.  As a Christian you have power over evil spirits period.  Many will say to me in that day, Lord Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.  Now, if people can cast out devils without Jesus knowing them, (they knew Jesus because they called him Lord) then you can surely cast out devils when Jesus knows you.  A human spirit does not have to bow to the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus will not act as a barrier against human spirits.  Why?  God has given human spirits a free will.  I can't make my children be good in Jesus name.  They have a free will.  It would be wonderful if I could say in Jesus name give me a raise, but that's not how it works.  Being attacked by a human spirit can weaken your faith because you believe that it is an evil spirit and it should obey you in Jesus name. Which is why it is so important to determine your attacker.

A human can attack a person, physically, mentally, or spiritually.  Each person has a spirit, soul, and body and operates on the physical, mental and spiritual planes.  It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body.  There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.   It is the human spirit that leaves the body and travel into the heavens.  Apostle Paul wrote that he was taken up to the third heaven.  Therefore there must be a first and second heaven. The first heaven is atmosphere it contains the stars and moon. And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of  heaven to divide the day from the night:  I believe that the second heaven contains the angels and demons.  And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. And he was afraid, How dreadful (is) this place! this (is) none other but the house of God, and this (is) the gate of heaven. 

 As a Christian I believe that the human spirit leaves the body as Paul states: For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, (concerning) him that hath so done this deed, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when ye are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, (1 Corinthians 5:3-5)  Apostle Paul had the ability to travel in the spirit but, he did so with the power of Lord Jesus Christ not at will.  A person's spirit can leave their body this is called an out of the body experience.  The human spirit can violate another person or violate the privacy of an individual.

I had a friend who "spirit traveled" before they were saved.  I would have these feelings of being watched, not everyday or every month but enough that I questioned my friend if he was traveling to my house and watching me.  The response surprised me, when he said, "Yes, I watch you get ready for work and sometimes watch you in the shower"  I asked him to stop.  I would be molested and cry out to God to make it stop.  I thought it was a devil, but it was this friend.  He wasn't doing it by intent, he would attack in his sleep.  After this had been going on for years, I decided to fight back by kicking in the direction of the attacker.  I didn't know it was my friend but I knew someone was in my room because I could feel them molesting me.  Anyway, my friend was in the hospital because of a broken rib.  He didn't know how it had gotten broke.  I didn't connect the two until I was attacked again and I did the same thing and kicked in the direction of the attacker.  Again this friend was in pain.  I stopped speaking with this friend and the attacks stopped.

Today, many people are learning astral travel or spirit travel.  Astral projection is an occult term defined as the astral body leaves the physical body and travels on the astral plane.  Spirit travel is hard to explain because you have to be in the spirit in order to travel in the spirit, unless you are sleeping.  An example would be: a person can feel the Presence of God while in prayer or worship.  God didn't leave heaven to visit us, He is with us all the time because Do not I fill heaven and earth? saidth the Lord.  Yet God dwells in heaven, Our Father which art in Heaven.  We tapped into the Presence of God by our desire to be with Him.  Likewise, humans can travel outside their body by desiring to do so.  The Astral plane is around us all the time, some people have learned how to tap into this plane and travel within this plane. The Astral plane is unseen by the physical eye, but we know that it exist.  The Astral plane is not the third heaven that Paul speaks about.  I do not know what the Astral plane is and I don't want to find out.  There is always the truth and then there is the counterfeit.  I admire the Theosophical Society in that they use there unity of faith and "human power" for the greater good of the human race.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if more Christians would believe in the power of unity and work towards the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom of God is within us and if we get enough people living within that Kingdom inside themselves, we can have the Kingdom without and within.   Yet, the Theosophical Society in my opinion is eating from the wrong tree - the tree of the knowledge of good and evil - it's the good side of the tree, but it is still the wrong tree.  We are not God, we are His creation made in His image for God's pleasure.       

 Astral travel has been recorded in history and mythology.  Some cultures believe astral travel is necessary for a person's spiritual development.  Once again, I believe the astral body is the human spirit.  As a Christian, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, has prompted me to stay within my body.  The kingdom of God is within you and we are filled with the Holy Spirit.  There is no need for a Christian to leave their body.  As a Christian you need to know how to deal with people who do leave their body.  

Some people who travel outside their bodies might unconsciously travel while they are sleeping. I was taught as a young child to travel to a make believe land, a circus, before I went to sleep.  I remember one time when I had a hard time leaving my bedroom and I was literally outside my body  bouncing around the ceiling trying to find an opening.  I wanted to go home.  I believe I wanted to go back to my Creator, but it wasn’t my time. Then a very nice being lead me back to my body where I was instructed to stay. I’m sharing what I have learned to defend myself against other people leaving their bodies. The occurrences will increase as we approach the end of days.  The reason behind the increase is that more and more people are taught to have out of the body experiences.  People have out of the body experience for varies reasons, some are:  to build a perfect world, to have astral sex, to gain knowledge, and influence people.  Some mind control techniques teach spirit travel or astral travel, but the program does not call in astral travel.  It is called visualization. Let say you have an important meeting and you need favor with the person you are meeting with.  With a mind control program, the person is instructed to visualize the person they are meeting with and discuss their proposals.  They are to visualize a positive response from the other party. UMMM sounds like witchcraft to me. Anytime I try to control another person I’m practicing witchcraft. There have been over one million people trained in mind control.  That means over one million people have attempted astral travel.  Once you have that ability then evil spirits can use the ability for their advantage.

If you have the ability to travel outside your body or send out your spirit out as it was called centuries ago, then the only way to stop is by discipline and prayer. You may not be aware that you are being used of evil but this practice is wrong and harmful.  The person practicing astral travel is leaving their body unguarded. In Matthew 12:43, And when an unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places seeking rest and findth none.  Then he will saith: I will return into my house from whence I came out.  And coming he findeth it empty, swept and garnished.  Then he goeth and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in and dwell there; and the last state of that man is made worse than the first.  So shall it be also to this wicked generation.  The passage is often used to encourage believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that is true.  But notice what the evil spirit does when he finds the house empty. He inhabits it. 

What does the Bible teach on the subject?  2 Corinthians 12:22    I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one was caught up to the third heaven.    Several believers have had experience in which they have awakened to find themselves traveling back to earth in a basket.  In these incidents, God initiates them, therefore God provides protection for the believer’s body. 2 Kings 6:11-12 Therefore the heart of the king of Syria was sore troubled for this thing; he called his servants, and said to them Will ye not shew me which of us (is) for the king of Israel?  And one of his servants said, none, my lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that (is) in Israel, tell the king of Israel the words that thou speakest in thy bedchamber.  This king was tired of losing his battles because his battles plans were told to the king of Israel.  The king of Syria thought that he had a spy, but his servant told him, no it’s the prophet. He hears what you say in secret. One aspect of an out of body experience is being able to hear conversations that occur behind closed doors.  This ability should only be used as the Lord directs, not as we direct.  In Ecclesiastes chapter 12:6 the Bible refers to a silver cord; before the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be shattered at the fountain, or the wheel be broken at the cistern.  It is believed that the spiritual body is attached to the flesh body by a silver cord and if the silver cord is broken, you will die. In Matthew 5:28 But I say to you that whosoever shall look on a women to lust after her hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.  And, if thy right eye scandalizes thee, pluck it out and cast it from these. For it is expedient for thee that one of thy members should perish rather than thy whole body be cast into hell.  And if thy right hand scandalizes thee, cut it offend cast it from thee, for it is expedient for thee that one of thy members should perish rather than that thy whole body perish in hell.   There is no distance in the spirit realm.  To think about a person is to be with that person.  So if a guy is lusting after a woman and using his eyes (pornography) and his right hand, (masturbation) it is wrong. Why is it so wrong, because if you are a highly developed spiritual person you are sending out thoughts that can be felt by another person? The object of your misguide affection will feel violated.  If the lust goes unrestrained, then the object of your affection will be violate by you at night because your human spirit will seek to join with the person that you are attracted to.  The same is true for the ladies; do not lust after a man that is not your spouse. While an evil spirit will have to bow to the name of Jesus, a human spirit does not until the day of judgment.  On the day of judgment every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. But for now, we must fight off the human spirit for ourselves. 

An angel of God will not fight a human spirit because they are made in the image of God. An angel can aid you in blocking the attack, but you must pray and believe for protection. Since this is a spiritual attack the best defense is a strong spirit.  You can strengthen your spirit by feeding on the word of God. The key to victory is getting the sin out of your life because sin will open the door.  If you do not have sin in your life, then you are dealing with someone else’s sin.  There are two different types of reoccurring attacks.  One type is that the person is not aware what they are doing.  This happens when a person lust after another person but never makes the desires public but fantasizes in their sleep. Another type is that the person is fully aware of what they are doing.  By having “spirit” sex, you are joining with the other person’s spirit and a bond is created.  The two spirits unite and become one.  Have you ever heard someone say that the attraction was purely spiritual, not physical. This spiritual attraction has ruined many ministries, marriages, and lives.

In the kingdom of God, God might give you an assignment to help or mentor someone.  God will put you in their lives to help them grow spiritually.  The relationship is always beneficial.  In the Bible, you have David and Jonathan, Jonathan helped David escape his father Saul.   In the kingdom of darkness, the devil can ever create.  God is the only Creator.  The devil can only destroy or pervert.  Therefore, he will place one of his people in a saint's life to destroy them or prevent them from fulfilling their destiny.   The devil has to create a spiritual bond between the two.  That is why it is so dangerous to masturbate, you might think you are alone, but what if someone is with you, bonding with you. 

What if the attacker is an Angel?

From he book of Enoch, " (As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their dwelling, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling) If the offspring of the Watchers and woman are the evil spirits, then the fallen angels have there dwelling in heaven not on the earth.  On the earth, man has the authority over all of God's creation including the evil spirits.  Only when we are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus will we have authority over the angels that dwell in heaven.  Lord Jesus used the word of God against satan.  We need to do the same, and call out to God Almighty to rebuke the angel that is harassing you. Example: "Jesus said, "All power is given to me in heaven and in earth. May Jesus rebuke you, leave me now for I belong to Lord Jesus and you have no right to harass me in Jesus name. Go"

When Jesus was tempted by satan in the wildernesses, Jesus used the Word of God against satan, he just didn't say "go" like he did when he sent the evil spirits into the herd of pigs.  In Jude, when the archangel Michael contending with the devil, he said, "The Lord rebuke you."  In the above prayer I combined the two. 

There is a way to stop this from happening.  I have listed several steps.  These steps will work whether the person is aware or not aware of what they are doing.  Note, if the attacker is not aware of what they are doing, ask the Lord to wake them up, once they are awake they will automatically go back into their body.  This is the easiest and safest method.  I had one occasion in which I asked the person where their body was and they “left” to go back into it.  If these easy methods don’t work try these:

  1. Strengthen your spirit by - reading the Bible, praying, praying in tongues, walking in love, living holy, and fasting.

  2. This is not your fault but get all known sin out of your life

  3. Place the blood of Jesus Christ upon your body, mind, spirit and soul. Draw a blood line around your room with the blood of Jesus. This is done by faith and with your words.  I had someone chasing me and I ran into a room and drew a blood line with the blood of Jesus around the room, that person ran into the room, gave me a very strange look, turned around and left.  Within minutes, they walked back into the room, but his time I was dealing with them and not the evil spirit that was prompting them to chase me.

  4. Clean house – remove any and all demonic or unclean items from your home. Joshua 7:13 There is an accursed thing the midst of thee, O Israel; thou can not stand before thine enemies until you take away the accursed from among you. In the book of Act 19:19 the new converts burnt their curious arts and book.  When I was first saved the Holy Spirit helped me clean house.  I throw out horoscope books, occult objects, and other items I felt were not glorifying God. The objects open a gate way for the enemy to kill steal and destroy.  Is an object worth our spiritual health?

  5. Pray to God for protection and declare that you abide under the shadow of the Almighty and under his wings you shall take refuge.  It is important to pray out loud let your angel know that this is unwelcomed.  Psal 103:20 Bless the Lord, you his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commendments, hearkening unto the voice of his word.  The scripture, "The eternal God is they refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms; and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee. 

  6. Declare out loud that the intruder is trespassing and they are not allow to touch you. Your angel are not inside of you. They can not hear your thoughts, therefore you must speak out loud.

  7. Ask God to strengthen your spirit and push the intruder away with your spirit, not your flesh.  Your hand will move but the power is from your spirit not your hand. 

  8. Fight off the attacker - I have taken a sharp object and threaten to cut their silver cord.

  9. Ask God for the grace not to give in to the attack. Don't get condemned if an attack happens, it is an attack, you did not welcome it.  On the other hand God knows if you are fighting or submitting to the attack.

  10. Keep all of your relationships pure, never be close friend with another person's spouse, never lust after another person.

  11. Pray in tongues if you can.

Some people are visited at night by evil spirits and/or human spirits and they don't know that it is happening or they don't care. They might believe that they are masturbating and no harm will come to them.  If you join your spirit to another person's spirit, then whatever has access to their spirit now has access to your spirit unless you break the soul tie and the spirit tie. You wouldn’t be reading this unless you desire spiritual purity.  What has been happening to you is not from God.  God has nothing to do with it.  It is not happening because you are the bride of Christ; it is not an old deceased spouse or boyfriend.  Whatever you have been deceived into thinking, it is wrong and Lord Jesus will help you become free. If the attacker is purposely molesting you then you might be their assignment.  They will do everything in their power to pull you off of your destiny.  They will bond with you spiritually at night, you might be unaware and think that you are just masturbating but a bond was formed.  This person will seek you out and try to get close to you.  You will sense that it is a spiritual union; it isn’t about the flesh because your spirit is attracted to them.  Then what has occurred in the spiritual realm might happen in the natural.  The person might claim to be a Christian but they will pull you off course.  The attraction will be a spiritual attraction because there was a spiritual bond formed before there was a flesh union.  Some people might even thing that the person is from God because the relationship is a spiritual relationship.  We judge events in our lives by the fruit, is it godly, does it produce fruit for the kingdom of God?  God will never go against his word.  God is a holy God.

If you have created an union and you wish to break the union by prayer, visit breaking_ungodly_soul_ties.