Conversations with Lord Jesus

(For I was fearful) lest somehow the tempter had tempted you and our toil (among you should prove to) be fruitless and to no purpose.

My people are drawn away from their callings and purposes by the most insignificant things.  The lure of the world has caused many to stumble.  The only defense is communion with me. Bring me into everything and let my light shine in all the dark places of your souls.  Is not darkness the absence of light?  Did I not say I am the light of the world, carry my light and you shall not stumble.

  November 16, 2012  I am very thankful. And rightly so, I say to count the cost and that is true.  I also say to count the blessings.  Have I not said, I can only bless to the level of thankfulness and faith, faith in my goodness and willingness to bless. I work through broken vessels - and the love of many will grow cold, you keep your heart on fire with my passion, fan the flames of your love and obedience to me.  Yes, I have tied love and obedience together, as righteousness and peace, and faith and hope, always two by two.  You haven't learned that yet.

3-29-13 Where are my mighty man of renown? Where are my warriors in your country?  Take ease, take ease! they declare to themselves for tomorrow will be better than today.  Do they not know the calamity awaits the sleeping.  Arise and shine son of righteous, shake off the world, shake off the conformity. Wield the sword of the Lord fight for the oppressed, cry out for the unborn, care for the widows and you will be my warrior bride.

5-27-15 I felt a shift in the atmosphere, there was a heaviest an uncomfortable feeling,  and I asked Jesus about it.  He said in the absence of good, evil grows.  We fight evil by doing good.